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Additional Resources

These resources will help you navigate many of the administrative issues that are likely to come up while progressing through your degree. We encourage you to look over what is available here, so that when issues arise, you know where to find the resources you need.

  • See upcoming courses & requirements
  • Plan ahead for the senior capstones
  • Get help building a schedule
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  • Add or Change your Focus
  • Add or Withdraw from a Course Late
  • Create a digital signature
  • And more!
  • Get help choosing GE Courses
  • Find SSU’s GE Requirements
  • See a list of GEP Courses in GE
  • And more!
  • Learn how to interpret your ARR
  • Figure out how to use Seawolf Scheduler
  • See how to Drop Courses & Choose CR/NC Grading
  • And more