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Outdoor Classrooms

SSU has access to several extraordinary spaces (both on- and off-campus) that represent a wide range of ecological biomes and land uses. We utilize these spaces frequently, providing an opportunity for students to get hands-on experience in field classes, research activities and internships involving environmental management and outdoor education.

The garden serves as a demonstration and teaching tool for students, as well as non-profit enterprise that produces and donates food to local food banks.

This garden showcases diverse California plant communities, including woodland, marsh, and riparian ecosystems. It is a quiet place for relaxation and it serves as a classroom for developing skills in native plant propagation, ecological restoration and invasive species management.

The Fairfield Osborn Preserve is a 411-acre field station atop Sonoma Mountain and nearby campus that provides environmental education programs and opportunities for scientific research. It is managed by the Center for Environmental Inquiry, and is used frequently by GEP.

Galbreath Preserve is located about an hour's drive north of SSU in Mendocino County. 

Los Guillicos Preserve lies below Sugarloaf Ridge in the Mayacamas Mountains, about a 30 minute drive northeast of campus.

Both are managed by SSU's Center for Environmental Inquiry for research and education.