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Advising for the Minor in GEP

River Canyon

Looking for Help?

As a GEP Minor, you are able to choose most of your own classes. You can explore a range of topics. Or, you can take classes that focus on a specific area of expertise, such as Planning, Energy Management, or GIS. 

The structure of the degree plan is very straightforward. You may find it possible to declare and complete the minor without any need for direct faculty advising. 

Below, we have tried to anticipate any questions you might have. If questions remain, don't hesitate to contact the Dept Chair and ask.

FAQs for the GEP Minor

To add the minor, open and fill out a Change of Major form. 


  • Fill in your personal information
  • Select Geography & Environment
  • Sign the form

GEP does not assign GEP minors to any specific advisor.

If you have any specific problems, please contact the Dept. Chair

No. Students are welcome to sign up for an internship through GEP (GEP 317), but it will not count towards the minor. 

Please refer to the Degree Program for a list of courses that can count towards the minor