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Group of 6 students at the ocean

GEP students are active inside and outside the classroom, on-campus and in the community.

They quickly develop a sense of community within the department and university. GEP and Global Studies students come together in the GEP/GLBL Student Club. The club organizes events such as hikes, pot-luck dinners, and volunteer activities.  

Many students are also active out in the community volunteering with local organizations or participating in internships with local employers.

Additional Resources:

GEP students are encouraged to apply for scholarships. When you apply through SSU's Scholarship Program, you will be eligible for many different scholarship funds, including those that are specifically designed to support students pursuing careers in geography and other environmental fields. The SSU Scholarship Office can also help you apply for external scholarships.

Field Studies courses, offered through a variety of programs, are particularly suited to GEP majors. The above links provide examples.

GEP majors can study away for a semester or year, take classes that will count toward the major, and graduate on track! Recent GEP students have studied in Britain, Australia and Hawaii.

Group of students in field class
Group of students hanging out in a lab class
Group of students in the field during an applied ecology class