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Faculty in regalia

Our faculty have expertise in many fields across environmental studies, geography, and planning. 

We conduct research in the social and natural sciences, exploring local and global issues. We work here in Sonoma County and abroad in places such as Mexico and South Africa. We have received grants from many different funding agencies including the State of California, NASA, and the National Science Foundation. 

See our faculty profiles and recent publications for an overview of the types of research we do.

Our team and areas of expertise

Soto portrait

Daniel Soto

Energy efficiency, energy generation & equitable access to technology

Fang portrait

Kevin Fang

Urban and transportation planning & micro-mobility

Laney Profile

Rheyna Laney

Political ecology, environmental policy & economic development of natural resources

Dodge portrait

Vanessa Dodge

Environmental systems, soil science & natural hazards

Robinson Profile

Tom Robinson

Conservation planning, GIS analysis & land use planning

Fuller Portrait

Sharon Fuller

Social geography, indigenous cultures and resource use & women and gender studies

Patterson Profile

Elizabeth Patterson

Land use planning & urban water conservation

Guilford Profile

Jacquelyn Guilford

Water quality research & environmental education

Goman Profile

Michelle Goman

Paleoenvironmental change, geoarchaeology & geomorphology

Clark Profile

Matthew Clark

Geospatial analysis, remote sensing & conservation biology

Hernandez Ayala Profile

Javi Hernandez Ayala

Climatology of extreme events & climate change

St. John Protrait

Wendy St. John

Restoration ecology & conservation biology

Nardine Profile

John Nardine

International economic development & global studies

Portrait of Heidi Hermann

Heidi Hermann

Native plant restoration, propagation and manager of campus Native Plant & Butterfly Garden

Hachmyer Profile

Caitlin Hachmyer

Agroecology & the political economy of food

Profile of Dr. Baldwin

Jeff Baldwin

Political Ecology, Climate Change, Development