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Los Guillicos Preserve

Landscape showing remnants of a wildfire

The 40-acre Los Guillicos Preserve is 1.6 miles south of Mount Hood in the foothills of the Mayacamas below Sugarloaf Ridge. Elevation ranges from 600 to 800 feet.  Wappo Indians, who are thought to be one of the oldest native California groups, inhabited the area before the arrival of the Spanish missionaries in California.  Archeological sites and artifacts from this period have been recorded on the Preserve. 

The dominant vegetation at the preserve included  mature Douglas fir, black oak and California bay laurel.  The  preserve was partially burned by the 2017 Nuns fire and then severely impacted by the 2020 Glass fire.

GEP faculty and students (and other departments) use this preserve for research -- especially around fire ecology and recovery.

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Landscape with grassland and fallen trees
Landscape with grassland and deciduous trees in winter
Closeup of tree trunks with measuring band