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Research Centers

Faculty in GEP run four independent research centers. These centers serve as hubs for faculty research and student-faculty collaborations. They each have the space, equipment, and technology necessary to pursue a wide range of environmental research.

CIGA seeks interdisciplinary collaboration among campus and external researchers, students and other organizations in projects that involve geographic information and spatial analysis at local to global scales.

SQUAL specializes in reconstructing ecological, climate and landscape change caused by environmental and climate forces as well as human impacts over the past several thousand years. These paleoenvironmental reconstructions provide an important context for evaluating current and future environmental and climate change. 

CRC conducts research on climate science phenomena like hurricanes, droughts and floods with a special focus on their connections with climate variability, climate change and ┬Ěhuman activities. The CRC promotes the application of statistical methods and geographic information systems (GIS) to address climate science problems in the Sonoma area or anywhere in the planet.

CSC works with cities and counties, special districts, and regional and state government agencies to develop planning policies and implementation strategies related to climate change and greenhouse gas emissions, planning for healthy communities, the relationship between land use and water resources, and other sustainability and resiliency topics.