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Specialized Classrooms

GEP house many specialized research laboratories and classrooms that are outfitted with state-of-the-art technology and equipment for teaching and research in the fields of weather and climate, ecology, geospatial analysis, energy efficiency, geomorphology, dendrochronology, paleontology, soil science, urban/transportation planning, and environmental policy.

This center was built as a model for sustainable building techniques and technologies with a focus on energy conservation. It is used as a demonstration site, research facility and classroom.

The Geospatial Computer Lab has specialized equipment and software to facilitate several different types of computer-based classes and on-hands labs

The Physical Science Lab is spacious and stocked with equipment to host several field- and laboratory-based classes, such as environmental systems, geomorphology, soil science, and physical science lab methods

The Urban Planning Studio is designed to facilitate work involving large-format materials, assignments requiring collaborative team work, and group presentations